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Complaints Procedure

The Institute is responsible for ensuring that our members and firms meet the requirements of our Code of Ethics and other Rules and Regulations that may be enacted from time to time.

These rules define the professional, ethical and business standards which are expected of our members and firms. They also require firms to have a complaints handling procedure (CHP) to deal with potential complaints about the firm.

Complaining to a regulated firm

If you're not happy about the service you've received from a firm that we regulate , you should ask the firm for details of its CHP.

Every regulated firm must have this kind of procedure in place and reference to their procedure may be found in its terms and conditions of engagement. If you haven't received details of this, ask the firm for its CHP in writing. Keep a copy of the request letter, along with proof of sending (e.g. email delivery receipt or recorded delivery slip).

The firm's CHP will have two stages:

  • Complaints will be considered by a senior member of the firm or a designated complaints handler
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved, it will be referred to an independent redress scheme such as an ombudsman. There are a number of redress schemes and the firm's CHP must give details of the redress scheme to which it refers complaints so that you know where to take your complaint.

Complaining to the Institute

If you have a complaint to make, you should always contact the member or firm concerned first and deal with your complaint through their CHP.

The Institute is responsible for ensuring that our members and the firms we regulate behave in a professional manner and adhere to our rules and regulations. Where members or regulated firms fall short of the standards expected of them, the Institute can take appropriate action to ensure the risk of further transgression is minimized.

All complaints regarding a member of the Institute of Forensic Auditors should be addressed at and an independent team will review the complaint in detail and take the necessary steps to deal with the complaint.

The Institute will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and depending with the nature of the complaint, our turnaround time is 30 days.