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IFA Membership

Membership Admission Requirements

Joining membership of the Institute is a voluntary process and in case you have any questions that needs clarification, please get in touch with us before submitting your application. In case you are looking for a Diploma, Degree or other Certificate in Forensic Auditing, please note that the Institute does not grant any of these and the various colleges and universities can help you in that area. As a matter of policy, the Institute does not grant any exemptions to anyone. The certification examination that you will be asked to write is simply one of the admission requirements to the Institute just like your CV that you will be asked to submit. If you don't pass that admission exam, then you certainly don't qualify to be accorded the Certified Forensic Auditor (CFA) designation. Our members serve as expert witnesses in the various courts of law and our role is to supervise their technical competence and assist them with continuously professional development.

With effect from the 1st March 2016, the new admission requirements for all applications received on or after this date are as follows:-

  1. An undergraduate degree in Forensic Auditing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies and Financial Intelligence or a professional qualification equivalent to an undergraduate degree which has been approved by the Board. For all degrees, they must be recognized in their country of jurisdiction with the relevant authorities.
  2. A certificate issued by the Forensic Auditors Certification Board (FACB) for applicants seeking a direct membership and is not mandatory for applicants joining as student members.
  3. Police clearance and the Institute supervises the whole process from initiation without involvement of the applicant except when fingerprints are being taken.
  4. Professional and academic clearance and this process is managed by the Institute.
  5. A completed application form which is completed electronically.
  6. Applicant's curriculum vitae
  7. Copies of all academic and professional certificates
  8. A passport size photograph of the applicant in electronic format.

To join the Institute for the first time, one is obliged to pay a first-time application fee of USD50,00 and this fee is non-refundable. Since IFA does not offer any direct membership to anyone, one will be admitted as a Student Member and an Annual Subscription Fee of USD150,00 will also need to be paid before one is admitted.

Besides the Student Membership, IFA also has the following Membership Categories:-

1. Associate Member [This grade is offered to CFAs with relevant experience]

2. Fellow Member [This grade is offered to MCFAs with relevant experience]

3. Affliate Member (Anyone can be admitted using this route and the member has no voting rights)

All other categories have an obligation to pay USD200,00 as Annual Subscription Fees and if one default, he or she is automatically suspended as a member and can not claim to be a Certified Forensic Auditor. Production of a current receipt showing payment of the USD200,00 is an evidence that the member is in good standing of the profession.

To join the Institute as a member, one has to apply online and We Do Not Accept Hard Copies or give out any application forms with effect from the 1st January 2015.

Approval of the application can range from one (1) month to (6) months and needs a Board resolution and can therefore even take longer. The Institute is now completely a membership body and does not examine anyone before admission. The examining and certification is carried outside the Institute through FACB and IFA being a member of FACB, handles the administrative aspects for student members wishing to be certified and we are not accountable for FACB's operations.