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T & C

The Institute is a voluntary body and members applying to join the Institute should do so on the understanding that the Institute does not train anyone to become a forensic auditor, but rather at its discretion, it may provide study support material normally these being past presentations from the various seminars organized by the Institute. Upon admission, the student member must ensure that he prepares himself to meet the technical standards expected by the Institute before getting a certification tittle describing himself as a Certified Forensic Auditor (CFA). The certification awarded should not be construed as a certificate, diploma, etc for all intents and purposes, but rather it is a testimony showing that one has reached the highest membership grade of the Institute and is more of an assurance certificate to members of the public.

All fees paid to the Institute are non-refundable except for workshop fees if a person gives the Institute a 14 days notice cancelling the event attendance. Subscription fees are paid annually on each day the member was admitted and not necessarily the beginning of each year.